We love Jane McGonigals book: Superbetter, and think that its got some great ideas for helping us to live more productive and happy lives.

She suggests we live life working towards an epic win, completing daily quests that get us there and rewarding ourselves for completing these. By using power ups we will live happier and more resilient lives. We also need to be aware of the bad guys that stop us from getting where we want to be and work at defeating them whilst recruiting allies to help us along the way.

Drawing from Jane’s amazing knowledge we have created a resource to help you create a weekly planner to help you work towards your goals (remember planning is key to success! “A dream without a plan is just a wish”):

Printable Version


Power Up ideas


How to use the printable version:

  1. Print off every week,
  2. Write your epic win at the top (this is a big long-term goal which will stay the same for a while until you have reached it),
  3. Work out which quests will help you reach you goal this week,
  4. Assign an appropriate amount of experience points (XP’s) to each quest and decide how you will celebrate when you reach your chosen target of xp’s that week,
  5. Which power ups will you use this week to make sure you are doing things you enjoy and which will make you physical, mentally, emotionally and socially more resilient?
  6. Identify the bad guys that might get in your way, what strategy do you have for defeating them? Assign xp’s to reward yourself every-time a bad guy is defeated.
  7. Find allies, people who will encourage and support you to be and do your best!


Want to find out more about Jane McGonigal’s theory, this video is great…


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